Professional License On Hold In Maryland Due To Tax Debt

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Understanding License Holds Due to Tax Debt:

A hold on your professional license in Maryland due to tax debt means that the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (DLLR) has notified the licensing board of your outstanding tax liabilities. As a result, your ability to practice your profession may be restricted until the tax debt is resolved.


  • Legal Expertise
  • Resolution Assistance
  • License Restoration
  • Financial Planning
  • Peace of Mind

Assessment of Your Tax Situation:

We start by looking closely at your tax debt and why your license is on hold. After checking your tax records and figuring out how much you owe, we’ll make a plan to solve your tax debt and lift the license hold. This might mean talking to the Maryland Comptroller’s Office about payment plans, asking for lower penalties, or finding ways to settle your debt.

Advocating on Your Behalf:

We’ll talk to Maryland officials for you to resolve your tax debt and lift the hold on your professional license. Beyond that, we’ll continue supporting you to prevent future tax issues. We’ll also assist in reinstating your license smoothly, ensuring you can resume your career without interruption. With us, you’ll have the advocacy and guidance you need to navigate this process with ease.

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